Thursday, September 28, 2006

Project Gotham Racing 4 Movie

This movie is a lot on the lame side, but at least they are working on Project Gotham Racing 4.

Maybe this game series will be like the Star Trek movies and the even numbered ones will be much better than the odd numbered ones.

Project Gotham Racing 4 Movie (Xbox 360)


Blogger AjVen0m said...

I actually thought PGR1 was a really good game not as good like PGR2 though. I think PGR3 is the best racing game on the 360 so far.

Some of you don't like PGR3 because it does not reward you with nothing like in PGR2 with the Kudos whoring.

I can say the same thing about Test Drive and Burnout the only difference is Burnout is really fun and Test Drive gets really boring after awhile. Its still not a bad game for the price tag it has.

I am really hoping for PGR4 to be more like PGR2 though and if is is its going to be a hell of game

5:05 PM  

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