Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jasper is in the house!

Monday was my birthday, and I got a new XBOX 360 Pro. Not just any Pro, I hunted with my wife for a new Jasper Motherboard Pro unit. It took several days, we went to every Best Buy, Game Stop, Game Crazy and Circuit City in the area. When we got to the last Best Buy on Monday, I was resigned to getting an Arcade and the 60GB HDD kit. They had 10 Pros, and the 10th was a Jasper MB. Woot!

What makes a Jasper a Jasper? Check out Benjamin Heckendorn's information on this great new XBOX 360 Jasper Motherboard.

For those of you in the know:

Team: FDOU
Lot: 0845X
MFR Date: 11-6-2008

Now, I'm in the middle of having the house repaired from Hurricane Ike, so I can't even use the thing yet. Hopefully things will be done around here next week and I can play with this beast.

I'm ordering the Data Transfer Cable from Microsoft today too.

Here is the back of the unit where you can see the 12V rail is at 12.1A.

At one of the Game Stops we stopped at, they had the Microsoft Arcade game disc from the current Arcade bundle for $4.99, so we went back and got that too. Can't beat 5 games for $5.

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