Monday, November 29, 2004

Got our first member!

Welcome Texan Husker who came for Halo 2. She's also a good PGR2 driver.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Welcome to Clan Easy Frag!

Ok, here we go! Clan Easy Frag!

What is Clan Easy Frag?

A few weeks ago I was playing Project Gotham Racing 2 with a bunch of folks from my friends list. Most of the were remarking at how easy they were to kill in Halo 2. I know from driving with them that this must be true. We're a fun group, but we don't take our games too seriously, kind of the "Fun first, victory second" motto that is espoused when you sign up at Gamertag.

Who can join Clan Easy Frag?

Well, since I am starting the clan, you would need to be on my friends list. Since I play Project Gotham Racing 2 almost exclusively, you will have to find me that way.

What are the benefits of being in Clan Easy Frag?

None, except for saying that you are in Clan Easy Frag. Also, I'll invite you to be able to post on this blog, and send you a Gmail invite if you need one to get an e-mail address that matches your Gamertag.

Any more questions, just e-mail me. TheDren (AT)