Sunday, March 02, 2008

Challenge / Whoring Tips

Ok, I won a Tier 2 Old Spice Challenge for a 4000 Microsoft Points Card last week, and here are some tips to how I won.

1. I purposefully stacked some achievements before the challenged started. That is to say, I worked right up to the point where "Achievement Unlocked" would appear, then stopped. Then the first day of the challenge I grabbed them right up to have some quick, easy points. I even did a 20 point one before I went to work, just to be sure I was the first person to get some points.

2. I used a Hori Turbo Controller that I had picked up through Gaming Lagoon to get some arcade achievments. I also used this while playing as King Kong in the King Kong game. You have to beat the crap out of buttons on these levels, so I just went Turbo.

3. Movie games. Movie games. TV games. Movie games. Games aimed at kids are easy for the most part, sometimes time consuming, but very easy.

4. Lots of controllers. Played Fuzion Frenzy, used 4 controllers at once to avoid playing against AI. What's easier than AI on easy? Non-existent other players.

5. Save the easiest game for last. My case? A clearance copy of Avatar that I got at Target for $25. Someone else in our challenge did the same thing, but I was able to win by 35 points. I also scored the last points gotten in the challenge to go with the first points.

6. Arcade Games. These can be a source of 100 points here and there quickly to boost your score. Sponge Bob, Streets Of Rage, 3D Mini Golf were all played at the end by me and got me over the hump. All turned out to be fun games too.


Old Spice Rewards Prize

Hey, I got my 1600 Point card from the Old Spice Rewards Challenge a few weeks back. Thought I should show it off here. I'm now waiting on a 4000 Point card from the challenge I won last week.

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