Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WTF Microsoft!!!!

Well here is an interesting story that took place this evening....
I tried to email this to Microsoft, but could only send a condensed version as you are only allow 500 characters. What BS!!!!
Here's what happened.....
REF# _________In Nov 2007 we got the 3 red lights issue & called xbox & were told that our xbox required repair. We recd a REFURBISHED xbox360, from Microsoft. Now a year later we got the same 3 red lights. I spk2 a rep, Brye, who transfd me to a supervisor, Jeff C. He said due to microsoft's "tampering policy" (tampering policy? WTF does that mean?) we are unable to have our REFURBISHED xbox360 fixed. Jeff did not give an explanation of the violation. Serial# is: __________. Reference# ________ recd 11/25/08
My wife & I use this xbox360 & have been loyal xbox customers since 2002 including 2 live accts & numerous games.We have spent thousands of dollars on a console that we love. So I'm sure you can imagine how upset we are to hear that we are being accused of "tampering" with something on our xbox. We definitely do not appreciate being accused of something we did not do. Our xbox 360 is in need of repair &again, is a REFURBISHED xbox360 provided to us by microsoft. We have NEVER used any non-xbox/microsoft items on or in our xbox. So again, until someone can explain to me what exactly my wife and I are being accused of doing, I will expect this xbox360 be either repaired or replaced as we have done nothing wrong. Serial # on the REFURBISHED xbox360 is: _______. The Reference# _______ recd 11/25/08. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me to discuss this issue.
I was so mad that before I hung up the phone I told the customer service rep that I was going to smash my xbox and mail it into little pieces to Don Mattrick, not that she even knew who I was talking about. ARgh!!! Can you feel our frustration??? And after all of that we still don't know exactly what they are saying we are in violation of...And their customer service is HORRIBLE.

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