Thursday, September 28, 2006

Project Gotham Racing 4 Movie

This movie is a lot on the lame side, but at least they are working on Project Gotham Racing 4.

Maybe this game series will be like the Star Trek movies and the even numbered ones will be much better than the odd numbered ones.

Project Gotham Racing 4 Movie (Xbox 360)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited

Ok, for anyone interested in picking up "Test Drive: Unlimited", Lady, myself, Venom and Wrangler have all picked up the game. I think Venom has just rented it for now, but you never know if he might buy the thing.

The game is pretty cool, the game really is the lobby for all practical purposes. You can just drive all over Oahu if you wish, never entering a single race or challenge. Alternatively, you can see all the races and challenges for both online and offline while you are driving around and enter any for which you are currently qualified by vehicle or skill level.

I established the Clan Easy Frag club last night. This gives us a place to meet up, and we can race each other in custom designed races without ever leaving the clubhouse. We can also race against other clubs in custom races created by ourselves or them in the game.

The race editor for the custom challenges is pretty cool, it's not nearly as limited as the one in PGR3. You can create huge races that go all over the place and have different types of objectives. You can also upload race challenges for other drivers to enter and make money from doing so in the game.

Overall this game is incredible, there are over 300 race events, over 1000 miles of roads, and virtually unlimited race challenges via the editor. Let me know if you pick up the game, and I'll send you an invite to the club.

The game is just $39.99, and here is a link to a review of the game. Oh, and I did buy the Prima guide for this game, it comes with a big fold out map and lots of info about the game that has been quite handy so far.

Test Drive Unlimited Review (Xbox 360)


Ok, when you reach a certain level, you unlock the Ford Test Track, it is tricky to get there, so here is a video from a nice guy showing how to get there.

See you there tonight Lady!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Long time no see

Well folks, been a while since any of you have heard from me, nor has there been a new post lately. But I am here, just been busy looking for work, and guess what... I found a job. Just started yesterday (Monday) but so far so good, making 7.50 an hour. Hopefully it will grow and i'll get some decent hours and be able to get a 360 and rejoin all of you again. Incase any of you forgot or what not, my XBL name is still SabinSeptor. See you soon I hope :)