Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your XBOX 360 can have it's own blog.

Check this out, my XBOX 360 has it's own blog now! Thanks to 360 Voice, my XBOX 360 has something to say about me each and every day. If you go the sign up page at the site, your 360 can blog too.

The Dren's Xbox 360 can blog



Friday, July 13, 2007

PGR2 - Now on XBOX 360


Venom sent me a message overnight that said PGR2 works now. So I took out my disc, slipped it into the console and PGR2 is up and running!


Only bad part - I have no profile, going to have to play the game to unlock all the cars it appears. Anyone out there with an Action Replay save or original XBOX save? I think I can get it converted to XBOX 360 with my Datel Kit.

I just logged into Live! I have my old Kudos rank of 51 - 10,603,452 Kudos, and only need to make it to 12,000,000 to get the next rank!

Here is the link to the updated Backward Compatible Games on 360.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

McDonalds Burger Con

Hey, check out the link below. McDonalds is doing an XBOX promo, free movie downloads, chances to win prizes for playing games. Don't know how we missed this one!

Xbox.com | Events - BurgerCon: It's On!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Forza 2 = Last Man Standing Goodness

Ok, we've all got a lot of cars now, so we've started playing Last Man Standing. And it is freaking great! Turn off the damage and stability management and let the cars fly. If you don't have it, you should pick it up for this fun and excitement. Check out the in game pictures below.

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Quake 4

Anyone else still have this one? Looks like I found a way to boost some of the multiplayer achievements today.

1000 Points - Gotten by a player that suicides 50 times, take turns

4 Players - Capture The Flag - Unranked Match

Stage 1 -

Team 1 - 1 guy captures flag four times, 1 guy does NOTHING, just stand there
Team 2- suicide 15 times each

Stage 2 -

Team 1 - Guy who captured the flag kills Team 2 25 times, other guy do NOTHING
Team 2 - Run to your flag so it is easy for the other team to kill you

Stage 3 -

Team 1 - Guy who does nothing at Stage 1 suicides 50 times, other guy does nothing
Team 2 - Does Nothing

In stage 3, your Win points will be heading ever downward as you suicide, but at some point they will "Flip" and you will have 1000 points, instead of the negative total. It sometimes takes less than or more than the 50 suicides to get the 1000 points, so the player that is not suiciding should watch the scoreboard by hitting "Back" and tell the other when he gets the 1000 points.

After you get the 1000 points, just wait for the timer to expire, don't kill anyone, don't commit suicide, just wait for the timer to expire. The first time you do this, you will get 2-3 achievements if you haven't started getting the rank achievements in multiplayer.

You should be able to do this on a 20 minute game, so four players can each get 1000 points in and hour and twenty minutes.

The guys said there is another glitch that gets 6000 points, but they did not know it yet.

UPDATE 7-13-2007:

Ok, found this other 'Glitch' today, have not tried it yet, but it looks faster, maybe a 5 minute thing to try online with the gang.

You need four people, two on each team for this trick. Set the game to Arena CTF Endurance. The person who wants thepoints must score nine flags and achieve an in-game score of 101. Then, have his partner kill himself 100 times. Once this is done, the person who wanted the points will have 3,300 points. Let the timer run out and the points will register. Note: Do not score the last flag or the points will reset.


After you finish with the last tower (the Data Processing Security tower) go to lift just right before the level exit and save the game. Keep this save game alive so you can farm this file. Pick a weapon in your inventory and exit the level. Upon loading the next map, do not change your weapon and proceed to kill the big monkey strogg enemy before you approach the tram and exit this map. Simply reload the save game from the Data Processing Security tower and repeat the tram map with each weapon and you'll bag all the achievements quickly.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

XBOX Warranty Extended Again

Good news guys, this article looks legit. Microsoft has extended the 360 warranty period to three years. Looks like some of us will be due some repair refunds.

Xbox issues to cost Microsoft $1 billion-plus - U.S. Business - MSNBC.com