Sunday, July 31, 2005

Our Trip to NY

Ladydeath, Mr. Twobig and I took our trip to visit BeardedTitan and his family in NY. We had an absolute blast!!! We are all wearing the totally cool t-shirts that I made for the trip. lol We also spent last night drinking a bottle of Petron tequila (well, Titan and Mr.TwoBig drank most of it.) . As you can see, here's a few photos of the EMPTY bottle and of Titan and Mr.TwoBig holding the empty bottle. We hope to get together again one of these days!!!!

Adding a couple pictures to try it out

Ok I would figure I would try this out seeing as I'm one of the last to add a picture here lol

ok see if it works :)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Clan Stuff


Taking a study break.

I'm looking for feedback from clan members on a few things:

1. Shirts and other items. The site Sabin recommended,, looks pretty good. I will work with Venom to use the art he did for the header, or if anyone else has some art they would like to submit, we can look at that too. I was really just thinking of some T-shrits of some type. The logo with the names is OK, but as I'm hoping the clan continues to grow, we will have too many to put names on the shirts that way.

2. Membership. Do we want to come up with some rules for bringing new folks into the clan? I've been looking around at other clans and they have geographic, gender, age and other restrictions. Do we need rules for, "voting someone off the island"? Just wondering.

3. Group Buys - I don't have time to research this, but we have enough people at 20 members that we might be able to get a discount on some things from a store somewhere if we all pre-order together. Maybe not, but it might be worth checking out with the 360 in the pipe and Halo 3 coming next year sometime.

4. Gamertagpics - Still have some holdout members, Mulligan Man, Fraganater, Rouges, Whateverman and AJVenom - we still do not know what you look like. And we're a pretty motley crew overall, so you can't be holding back for any legit reasons.

5. Anyone have any suggestions of additions of stuff to clan life that would add some cool stuff for everyone here?

Glad to have yall here with me in the clan, want to see us grow so we can have multiple full rooms going at the same time.

-The Dren

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thanks Venom!

Hey guys, check out the cool new logo up top. Came from none other than Mr. AJ Venom. Guess I'll have to stop calling him Pedro now. Great work AJ.


I can't believe that I actually had fun playing Halo last night! Well atleast until my connection dropped. Thanks for talking me into playing. Now that work is settling down a bit I'll actually have time to play again!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Halo 2 Cheaters

Found this website this morning via the Xbox web site forums. Their intro describes it better than I can:

Welcome to A site built by those tired of being cheated on during matchmaking in Halo 2. Now you have a place to go. A place to list those players that wreck the game for all of us, and who will no longer be safe from the online community.

Played a match with a player that cheated on you? Submit the game to our Cheating Submission Forums. We’ll review it and verify that it was cheating. After it goes through our process, we will post the cheater(s) on our Hit List.

Ready to Partner with us? Use our partner submission form located on the Partners Page. We’re looking for other Clans and Gaming websites to help us put the pressure on.

Thanks to everyone for their support, and we’ll see you online!

Monday, July 25, 2005

More PGR3 Screen Shots

Posted today at Team XBOX. Lots of really killer screen shots for PGR3.

Project Gotham Racing 3 Screenshots Gallery (Xbox 360)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

What a coincidence!

It looks like Titan and Ladydeath both have starring roles in the same film!

Love u guys! lol

Babies I'm A Star

That's right everyone, my PGR2 Skills have gotten so good that now I'm going to be in the movies.

The Dren's First Movie Trailer

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dren you think your email from newmetal was good? read below

Hi, its me again, this is what happened while i was trying to watch Hostage. I will make comments in { } so you don't get too confused.

xNewMetalx: Im from GTP and id like to know wtf is your problem with me
trojanmanray: you are an ass hole
trojanmanray: thats my problem
xNewMetalx: how
trojanmanray: along with everyone elses
xNewMetalx: never got an answer
trojanmanray: you act like a little immature teenager
trojanmanray: which you are one
xNewMetalx: teenager lol
xNewMetalx: immature how come on explain how
trojanmanray: but like when we are kudos whoring you always put us into the wall
trojanmanray: then if we put you in the wall you bitch and gripe
xNewMetalx: that was one fing time
trojanmanray: and we are all sick of it
trojanmanray: one time my ass
xNewMetalx: I BITCH i never talk
trojanmanray: you did it all the time with me a cleatus
xNewMetalx: UM whos still friends with cleatus i am not you
trojanmanray: and you continue to do it now
trojanmanray: then why do i still play games with him?
xNewMetalx: im just better than you ha
trojanmanray: lmfao
trojanmanray: better my ass
trojanmanray: you were fine until i passed you up in kudos
trojanmanray: thats when you became a total moron
xNewMetalx: i found a life and its good
trojanmanray: so continue with your life
trojanmanray: fuck if i care
trojanmanray: but now you have your answer
xNewMetalx: moron i never was titian told you guys all lies
trojanmanray: titan didn't tell me shit
xNewMetalx: come on sabin wed been frineds for a awhile dont follow the path of titan you will be booted some day too
trojanmanray: everytime cleatus and me were whoring
trojanmanray: you would get in the room and hit us into the walls
trojanmanray: mainly me
trojanmanray: because i passed you
xNewMetalx: cleatus hasnt played pgr2 for montsh \
trojanmanray: no shit
trojanmanray: i wasn't on xbox live for 8 months
xNewMetalx: um HELLO
xNewMetalx: 8 mothns ago im talking about now
trojanmanray: yes
trojanmanray: yer still a dumbass now
xNewMetalx: you didnt have a problem then why now
trojanmanray: cleatus stopped playing pgr2 before i left
trojanmanray: i have always had a problem with you
trojanmanray: all you do is bitch abotu stupid shit and hit peopel into the wall when we are getting kudos
trojanmanray: you did it then and you still do it now
all i can say is you ran from being a friend to an ass real quick not hard to be nasty when everyone around you has a problem with you
{ i was never his friend, i tried to be but couldn't handle his retardedness}
xNewMetalx: WTF i never fucking talk
trojanmanray: i've always had a problem with you
trojanmanray: bullshit
xNewMetalx: i NEVER TALK
trojanmanray: someone barely fucking taps you you ram them into the wall
trojanmanray: and when they repay the favor you get all pissy
xNewMetalx: HELLO ever recall the old metal shit um yeah i do i was always known not to talk
trojanmanray: no
trojanmanray: you talked many times
trojanmanray: but you were always a bitch about it
trojanmanray: thre slightest little thing
trojanmanray: its like you always had a corn cobb up your ass
xNewMetalx: your the ones who bitched i didnt care for the game
trojanmanray: then why fucking play it and ruin everyone elses experience?
xNewMetalx: i wasnt
trojanmanray: bull
trojanmanray: you ALWAYS hit others intot he wall
i was there for fun sabin dammit what is up with you you have changed
{well i haven't changed, anyways i don't think, I believe i have become more mature}
trojanmanray: don't matter kudos whoring, clean racing, dirty racing didn't matter
xNewMetalx: everyone has changed except me that why
trojanmanray: yes
trojanmanray: you were an ass then and you still are now
xNewMetalx: wht happen to all those times o im going to hit ya in the wall and playing around shit
trojanmanray: i kept you on my list hoping you would change
trojanmanray: but you didn';t
trojanmanray: you always tried to fuck me out of my kudos
you listen to titan to much
{is listening to titan a bad thing? if i recall titan has no say over what i do}
trojanmanray: no
trojanmanray: i know from experience
xNewMetalx: they dont like you either
trojanmanray: because you did hit me
trojanmanray: i know they don't

{on this one, I knwo you guys don't liek me that much. I relized that when I said I might have been able to visit. You guys sounded very enthuse about it, but goign to titans rocks, no offense, but you must liek me some what to keep me around right?}

trojanmanray: i could care less
trojanmanray: i play forza all the time now
trojanmanray: rarely i play gaylo 2
trojanmanray: soemtimes i play pgr2
xNewMetalx: YOUVE BEEN GONE FOR MONTHS played with you atleast two times never fucked you over and you repay me with all bullshit and lyes
trojanmanray: some people are still fun to play with
trojanmanray: BULLSHIT!
xNewMetalx: BULLSHIT!!! yeah :-)
trojanmanray: you remember when me cleatus and you would stay on paris tracks when they first came out?
trojanmanray: me and cleatus were fine whoring on those tracks
trojanmanray: you come in and bash me in the wall everytime we were solid
xNewMetalx: months ago i havent done that once ave i
xNewMetalx: have i
xNewMetalx: have i
trojanmanray: bullshit
trojanmanray: you did it the day we played pgr2 again
your a ban wagoon whore titan boots me you all do
{if i recall i was the frst one to remove him from my list the second time}
trojanmanray: we were on kremlin 2
trojanmanray: you had a mini cooper
trojanmanray: i was wqorking on a combo
trojanmanray: first fuckign corner you bashed me
trojanmanray: actually i was the first one to remove you
trojanmanray: they all followed after me
trojanmanray: so get yer shit straight
xNewMetalx: WTF youd do it to but NO NO it sabin its all gigles and shit but no its newmetal fuck him right
trojanmanray: bullshit
trojanmanray: i never purposly hit someone into the wall
xNewMetalx: ok ok when you get hit by titian its like haha thats so fucking funny no when its by me its omg fucking god bann his as
trojanmanray: no
xNewMetalx: ass
trojanmanray: when he hits me we are playing last man or pour mans last man
trojanmanray: he never hits me on purpose in a real race
xNewMetalx: it is true sabin plz
xNewMetalx: beleive me
trojanmanray: he may have done it to you
trojanmanray: but he never did it to me
xNewMetalx: yeah but when i get back i get booted wouldnt you be pissed answer wouldnt you bee pissed then all your friends take you oof there lis for no reason seriously
trojanmanray: no we all had a reason
trojanmanray: you are an ass
trojanmanray: you don't know how to enjoy a game
trojanmanray: you ruin everyone elses experience
really that why um hold on twonbig cleatus jezz detroit and maybe lady but i told him the truth and he felt sorry for me
{lady??? whats this all about?, Last I knew you didn't like him either}
trojanmanray: lady felt sorry for you?
trojanmanray: ha i find that hard to believe
xNewMetalx: yeah because we would still play but hell if id want to pklay with him you guysd would boot me
trojanmanray: because you are an ass
trojanmanray: how many times do i have to say it?
ok that night you came over to halo to see cleatus he was like you takw me off your list i was like well were cool frineds but i cantr play with you know because i just got booted for no reason but tis ok when anyone else plays around not me
{i can't remember who all was there i think Lady was, but i finished that game and left, i never said anything except hey to cleatus}
trojanmanray: i've tried racing with you many times, but everytime its the same bullshit
xNewMetalx: he sabin tell them you 15 years bet you a fucking million dollars they act completly different to ya
trojanmanray: thats because most teenagers are complete morons
xNewMetalx: look at my point of view dont be so self centered
trojanmanray: very few teens have a maturity level beyond a 5 year old
xNewMetalx: um he i wasnt was i no i try to have fun but once they find out a persons age iit all fucking changes dosent it
trojanmanray: bullshit
trojanmanray: we still play with fraganator
xNewMetalx: it does and you know it
trojanmanray: he is 13
trojanmanray: he is just like you
trojanmanray: we kicked him out
xNewMetalx: what about solider?
trojanmanray: he apologized
trojanmanray: we gave him a second chance
trojanmanray: if he fucks up again
trojanmanray: hes gone
trojanmanray: soldier was worse than you
trojanmanray: hence hes gone
xNewMetalx: um hey see you know his age and you booted him um he stop repeating what i am sayong
trojanmanray: i never added him to my list because he was a complete ass beyond you
xNewMetalx: im not a ass
trojanmanray: i didn't knwo how old soldier was
trojanmanray: i still don't know
trojanmanray: i just know he was a fuckign retard
xNewMetalx: as all of us are but you guys seem not to give people a strait answer but run from it
trojanmanray: bullshit
xNewMetalx: hey bullshit too
xNewMetalx: sabin i just dont know
xNewMetalx: never got an answear friends for a year now booted for the reason you guys raced with me wwell your next
trojanmanray: like i said
trojanmanray: i treied and tried and tried to race with you
trojanmanray: but it was the same bullshit everytime
xNewMetalx: tiied my ass maybe once
trojanmanray: bull fuckign shit
trojanmanray: you did it at least 4 times on paris tracks
trojanmanray: not including the other tracks
xNewMetalx: dude wtf i raced woth you like 2 times the night i got the bott and the night you got back on
xNewMetalx: got a point
xNewMetalx: right
trojanmanray: you didn't race
trojanmanray: you sat at the start line the first couple of races
xNewMetalx: ok what did i do wrong on the night off the boot
trojanmanray: then on kremlin 2 you had a mini
trojanmanray: and you put in the wall on the second corner
trojanmanray: i was hosting i booted you
trojanmanray: my choice
trojanmanray: then i removed you from my list
xNewMetalx: ummmm i was in a mini handling is horrible
trojanmanray: everyoen that still had you on their list decided the same
trojanmanray: that don't fuckign matter
trojanmanray: its got brakes
trojanmanray: fucking use them
Because you fucking lied to them
{was i lieing or telling the truth? you decide}
trojanmanray: you knew i was going to be slow since we were whoring
xNewMetalx: fibirdre was my frined and now he hearded your lies and titans and o no
xNewMetalx: LIES ALL LIES titan tell the truth
xNewMetalx: and you
trojanmanray: well you fucking talk to tita
trojanmanray: titan not me
trojanmanray: it was my choice to remove you from MY friends list
trojanmanray: not theirs
ok i was back on your list we were cool again and o know tian was gone o shit gotten was gone o shit sabin was gone WTF WHY?
{titan wasn't even on yet}
trojanmanray: gottenflame?
trojanmanray: i didn't even know he knew you
trojanmanray: hahaha
xNewMetalx: well we did have our problems but yes him
trojanmanray: like i said tho
trojanmanray: i accepted the request because i thought MAYBE you had changed
trojanmanray: but no
xNewMetalx: im an asshole
xNewMetalx: yes yes all lies
trojanmanray: lies my ass
xNewMetalx: hello you had no reason to take me off friend list and you know it
trojanmanray: you are, were, and always will be and asshole
trojanmanray: bullshit
trojanmanray: i was tired of you always putting em intot he wall and being a moron
xNewMetalx: ok ok even if i did your only complaining about one time then ummm wtf who has changed me or you ummmm you
trojanmanray: one time my ass
xNewMetalx: im right
xNewMetalx: you know it
trojanmanray: i remember at least 4 paris tracks
trojanmanray: the tour
trojanmanray: kremlin 2
trojanmanray: red square 1
xNewMetalx:THE TOUR MY ASS thats my favorite track
xNewMetalx: stop blaming me for shit i didnt do
trojanmanray: bullshit
trojanmanray: stop thinking you are always right
xNewMetalx: find a different word
trojanmanray: you are a fucking retard 15 year old moron
xNewMetalx: im NOT 15 you ASSHOLe
trojanmanray: you think the world evolves are you
trojanmanray: whatever
trojanmanray: 15 16
xNewMetalx: ok there buddy i just said that about you
trojanmanray: still a fuckign teenager
xNewMetalx: ok your 19 TEEN UMM HELLO
trojanmanray: no i'm 20
trojanmanray: get yer shit straight you fuckign moron
trojanmanray: this shit is terminated
xNewMetalx: O whoppy fucking do what like yestersay
trojanmanray: talk cleatus into removing me from his list
trojanmanray: i could care less
xNewMetalx: you wont have friends

Comments are very well welcomed, I want to know soem truthes here....

(Admin Note - I shrunk the size of the text to make the post a little shorter - The Dren)

Thursday, July 21, 2005


We can't wait to race with you today (tommorrow 12:18 am here now) We missed you SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

what ever happened to Cygnus 13!!!!

Where in the hell has that high pitched bastard been lately, we haven't seen him on in a long time. Doesn't ladydeath 13 know him or something.....



Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TITAN is being passed over as we speak....sorta....

We only need 42,000 kudos to pass the good old titan. Thanks to the new job he got a couple weeks ago. Finally caught the bastard.

P.s. Did we mention that we are looking forward to visiting with titan and family. By that time we should be well passed him for kudos that i don't think he'll think twice about us passing him.

Maybe Chris and I can make some banner for us to taken with us anyone have and suggestions feell free to post them on the blog in care of BeardedTitan......We're about to pass you again for kudos rank.....


Who is this Titan everyone keeps referring to? Damn my short term memory.

While I'm thinking about it, GamerTagPics has started a contest where you have to log on each day to win a T-shirt. Yeah, I know how badly we all don't need another T-shirt. HOWEVER - they are using this as a test to give away an XBOX 360 next month. So use the T-shirt contest as a chance to get in the habit of logging in daily to get entered.

While you're there, you can visit Sexyannmarie08's profile, linked below. She is only 13. I don't know wether to with I was 13 again, or say a prayer that I'm not dating anymore and having to ask for ID from girls.

I'm constantly amazed at what parents let their children do today.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Where is he???

Where oh where can our little Titan be.
Oh where, oh where can he be??????

Geoff and I miss him so much!!

**sniff, sniff** I think I'm going to cry.. =(

Much Better

Ahhhhh!!!!! Much better, now atleast I know three of you love me. ;)
Now if only you would all realize just how badly you need me to make your nights complete.(Read that any way you like Chris)hehehehehe.
See you all at the end of the week Titan

Where is Titan

I miss titan, when oh when will we see titan again?

:) hope ya don't feel too left out Titan

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Other Blog

Mrs. Twobig had pointed out last night that she found my other Blog.

So here is a link to Unruly Behavior.

Just keep a couple of things in mind:

1. It is semi (mostly?) anonymous - I post about work and other things there, and don't necessarily want anyone to know it is me.

2. I will probably post something (or have already) that you find offensive. And I like it that way.

3. I'm a sick and twisted individual.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Feeling left out

Geez guys, I have been checking out the blogger to try and keep up with the haps and not one of you fuckers have even once mentioned missing good ol' titan. Guess I'm not as well loved as iI thought. I'll be on tonight around 9-10 pm. If there is going to be something other than driving going on , someone please let me know.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Ok ok, so I might have to remove this eventually, but you gotta's pretty damn funny! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Attention!!.....All Cheaters......Attention!!

Wrangler found out how to get up on the mountain in Elongation for Halo 2. For those that were in that matchmaking game with those kids who thought it was funny to hide the flag on the mountainside, Wrangler found a way up there. Way to go Kevinia!!

Next time you are playing halo 2 please show some of the clan members just how to get up to the top of the mountain, so we won't let what happened on Sunday night to happen again.

Cheaters beware!!!! Clan easy frag will kick your ass!!!

........I mean we will report you to

PGRless week? = )

Anyone for halo this week? I feel the need to get my butt killed by 12 year olds... anyone game? this is my first time trying to post.. hope it works

what's up

dren nice to play halo2 last night with you.maybe again tonight?frag i will put you back on my list,only if you don't whine!see i would get even with you.the power of voting in the clan easy time for good.sabin get a job you laze bum.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Clan News & Update

Ok, I probably won't be on during nap time today, had a schedule change.

Updated the pictures over at PGR Car Pics. Two Big - I'm still waiting on you to add your Bently Picture over at PGR Car Pics.

I spoke with Ms. Two Big on Thursday night about planning some alternate game nights on Live. PGR2 will still be the Friday night preferred game, and proabaly Saturday night too. But we have lots of other games to play, so if you want to host a room, or see a room hosted, post it here, with the time and day you want to play and we can start playing other games too.

Titan, glad to hear the new job is going good. Lady, glad to hear the Poison Ivy is clearing up and didn't get anywhere too bad.

I added Graphical Logos for the web site at the top and bottom. I want to make the top one really cool, so if anyone out there is a talented Graphic Artist on the computer, send me an e-mail and we can get things working. I want to use the one at the bottom on some t-shirts, and have a bitmap graphic which is much better quality, so if anyone else wants to use it, let me know and I will e-mail that to you as well.

Think that is everything I know about for now. Check out the picture below from the Friendswood, Texas Independance Day Parade, I think it might just be the ultimate car for Last Man Standing!

Nash Metropolitan - The ultimate Last Man Standing car? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

PGR 3 Update: Exhaust Fumes and Online Tournaments

This game just keeps sounding better and better. Know I would never make it to a round of 12, but it still sounds like a fun way to play online.

PGR 3 Update

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In case any of you were wondering what Lady was up to while he can't play with us this week. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Halo 2 Maps 11.99 to Download

The new maps are ready for downloading for Halo2

can't play this week

to my friends on line,i have a bad case of poison made my fingers blow up.going to the doctor to you later in the week,i hope?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Here it is! Ladydeath's awesome handywork! It works great!!!!

New Metal Humor

Ok, I logged into Gamer Tag Pics this morning to post a "verified" image of myself.

I had a new message, so I checked out my message from New Metal:

Yeah ok mute me why i dont talk anyway message me back with a reason because everyone keeps hiding there own answers thx message me back plz
Wow, what can I say about this message? First, it says a lot about our current educational system. This is one incoherent, scrambled, rambling thought.

Second, someone didn't teach him that being a constant asshole will get others not to be your friends.

So, let's try to break it down for him:

"Yeah ok mute me" - Yeah, I muted you, you constantly bicker with others and run folks into walls. You have the social skills of a fifth grader, and the driving skills to match. Or you are just an asshole on the road. Your choice.

"why I dont talk anyway" - Um, you do talk, nonstop shit or bickering with whoever you just ran into the wall. If you would just shut up and drive without pinning folks into the wall, you wouldn't have this problem.

"message me back with a reason" - Hmm... You're an asshole.

"everyone keeps hiding there own answers" - Ok, first, a simple lesson that your English teacher has so far been unable to get through to you: Their - possive pronoun, and I belive the word you wanted here. There - a word that brings attention to an object, like 'Look at that asshole over there.' They're - A contraction for They are, 'They're looking at that asshole over there." Now, as for everyone hiding answers, I can't for the life of me figure out what you are talking about.

"thx message me back plz" - I'll send him a link to this post I guess.

Moral of the story? Don't be an asshole.